Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Say hello to my quickly and crudely made Jawa. So my best friend (Josh who just got back home, yay friend) is also a star wars fanatic and we were talking about SWTOR and he mentioned Blizz the Jawa as a companion in the game. Then I had an epiphany; Josh was going on a hiking trip for 10 days and he could totally have a companion. So I made him his own Blizz. His sarcastically agreed and so right now, Blizz on a trip and will return with adventure pictures better than my quick ones; granted Josh didnt forget to bring him -_- well i'll know in 10 days...

So on to the technical stuff. No pattern, just completely made from guess work. Made the body and arms with yarn. There were a lot of longer stitches because I was trying to finish it quickly. The head was felt because I needed to create an easy way to remove the lights and batteries because I did not build it with a switch. I probably should have taken a picture of my apparatus so lets hope he returns to me in one piece.

I took physics in college and learned how to make a basic circuit (at least I took something useful from that class). I used (from radioshack) two yellow LED lights, 2 wires (or was it an extra for.. just get a spool), AA battery holder with built in pos and neg wires, electrical tape and heat shrink tubing (I didnt quite know about the shrink tubing, thnx josh). The wires I used were too large so the circuit is a bit faulty because I couldnt intertwine it that well. The robe is 4 pieces of felt sewed together and 2 strips to make the belt and shoulder strap. I wanted to use leather but I ran out of time. When sewing the hood, I pulled on the string which gave it a more curved look.

So ya I think that's about it, remember don't look under a jawa's hood. Sorry I've been slacking with my creations. Josh came home to chill, I was on a trip job hunting, and I'm just tired. I tried making a super mario mushroom on my trip but it didnt turn out right and the jawa I had to redo multiple times since it was of my own design. I promise more amigurumi soon... hopefully my arm doesnt die from all the work :P Now time to go be lazy <3