Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Customers

Every once in a while, I ask my customers (friends) to take photos of their order so I can post their happiness/amigurumi adventure :) So here are a few:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Angry Bird Yellow

I'm back on blogger so I can post my designs. This isn't going to be a regular thing yet because I'm trying to churn out my orders before xmas and still trying to get a job. But hey at least I FINALLY did my first pattern. Once I figure out how to do all this PDF uploading mumbo jumbo properly, I'll do this more often. lol ok well good luck and enjoy
download now

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm such a lame. I am currently now on Ravelry and trying to update myself on there since it is an actual site dedicated to crafting. And I'm job hunting as a college graduate should so I haven't really had time to make anything. I'd actually like to start reading books I bought but I can't really crochet and read books at the same time, it's kinda a downer. So blog is postponed. Hopefully I get one of these jobs I'm applying to and can actually start buying a lot more yarn, more designs, a workspace. Peace of mind would just be nice. Well ok bye  for now.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Alive

Oops for no posts or anything and just kind of disappearing. I actually made a Totoro (pictures pending) and sent out my box of amigurumi to my friends in Hawaii :) so hopefully I have some adventure pics of the creations. After I sent those out I actually went on a 2 week vacation so I didn't crash and die or anything. Current project won't be up for another week. My first original creations (well the Jawa was original but it wasn't the cleanest job I've done) are tiger head cupcake toppers for my nephew's 1st bday. So in a week, I will have massed a small army and hopefully it looks squee :) well that is all, time to continue creating the army.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Droid and Octi

Ok so those chocolate covered espresso beans are so not working. I wanted to finish Totoro tonight but looks like its not going to happen so this'll be my last post tonight. So these are two simple creations.

The Android pattern is from Bethsco. I didn't finish the eyes because I wasn't sure what I wanted to make it out of and I wanted him to be able to sit so I didn't include the legs. Fairly simple pattern you can finish in a couple of hours. Stuffing and sewing was the biggest challenge. Too much stuffing made him look an odd shape and I had to make sure to sew his head in such a way that it made a nice line.

Octi is from the book "Tiny Yarn Animals" graciously gifted by my lovely friend Vanessa :) I was having issues with him because I didnt quite figure out how I could fit 8 legs onto such a tiny body. GAH I'm getting sleepy... umm... He's more of a prototype and made with Sugar'n Creame scented yarn. Kept him in a ziplock bag to keep the scent but I worry once I ship him to Alicia, the soap smell will disperse. But we shall see and I'm dying over here so I'm going to sleep. Enjoy.