Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Finally, last one. Hiieeiii! Kirby was quick and simple like Bob-omb. Once again from Nerdigurumi. And I just realized I totally forgot to give him a little blush on his cheeks... oh well. Winged it on his feet again because I felt like they were too small. Just made a crappy felt star for him to ride on. Eyes made from felt and painted electric tape (covered in white out, ya I'm ghetto lol), mouth made from felt. My family's tea cup, dad's rose garden. Ummm ya... ok that's it all my already completed things are up. I'm going to go eat dinner now. Stay tuned for more figures :D

Super Mario Foes

In an attempt to get all my creations up before starting a new one, I am getting all blogged out. So the next couple are going to be straight to the point. Goomba pattern from Nerdigurumi but mine totally does not look like the one on the page but it actually looks more like a Goomba than the one on the page. Used felt for teeth and eyes, mouth used yarn. Left excess string to make a loop for hanging on something. Use a toothpick to keep him propped up.

 Bob-omb pattern was from Amigurumi Zoo. Changes: fuse to a softer more string-y grey and white yarn given by my Lola (I didn't have grey yet), eyes are felt (glued on), added little bit of red to make it like fuse was burning, and improvised key cuz I totally didn't understand the instructions for it. I must say this is the roundest pattern I've gotten. So if you are planning to want a round figure, just follow this pattern.


Say hello to the adorable Yoda. I am a total star wars geek! I guess fangirl would be the proper term. Anyway, this design is not a Lucy Ravenscar pattern (who i think makes absolutly adorable items but I do not currently have the money to buy her patterns). I found this pattern on Happy Together blog. I haven't done much exploring on her blog so there may be more cool things. I didn't follow her feet pattern because it kept coming out way to big, same thing with the arms. Just a little modification which I can't explain because I kind of just wing it when it comes to my crocheting. I also made a felt robe instead and made his belt with excess tail from when I connected his body and head... or was it his arms... anyway it was excess something or other, like I said I'm just winging it as a noob crochet-er. His lightsaber is just pipe cleaner, I would have made a black handle but due to this being my new hobby, I don't quite have all my supplies in multiple colors yet. His eyes (along with Piggle's eyes) are just some buttons I found at Michaels/Joannes. Photos taken in my backyard again. The last one is an old coral we have, I figured it looked more star wars-esque . My dad use to have an import and export company of tropical fish.

Piggles and Fsh

Now that the drawings are done, welcome to my new hobby, AMIGURUMI! I know most people don't read the posts so I'm going to put this in my schpeal section eventually but here it goes. I'm a bored, recent college graduate. My friends aren't home yet, I don't have a job yet, and the closest thing I have to a boyfriend isn't home yet either. Sooo I decided to finally start this hobby with some of the graduation money I got. Go ahead and take a gander at my pictures since this is what this blog will mainly be about and sorry but I'm a fan of ellipsis and parenthesis so I may tend to use them a lot. And so on to the good stuff...
The Fsh (named from the fish without the i joke) is the first thing I've made since I was 9 (granted when I was 9 I made a square pot holder). He's pretty meh looking but I got the pattern from a crochet starter kit I bought in the discount area of Barnes and Noble. The pig which has no name besides Piggles (my best friend dubbed him and since I haven't figured a name out yet I'm going with that at the moment) was also from the book. I would write the title and author but my family is currently yelling at me to get off the computer so we can go out and get lunch. The photos were taken in my backyard and my beach chair.

Doodle SCII

I was constantly over at my friend Joey's place. Don't know why, there really wasn't much to do than be lazy on the couch, watch movies, and eat... Well actually that doesn't sound to bad. I digress. One day while bored, I decided to doodle his StarCraft II box and his Jim Raynor writing pad. I tried to draw the Zerg/human chick (don't hurt me, I cant remember her name that starts with a K) but I suck so I couldn't. I looked dumb and so I threw it away... Karregan?

Doodling Intern

These doodles are a couple I did at internship. I interned at the Medical Examiners office during college and when no one dies, there REALLY isn't anything to do. So just for fun, I decided to start making a doodle each day for my old TA who just got a job there. It gave me something to do, and something for him to look forward too on slow days. I'm not so much a drawer, I just have the ability to look at something (preferably a cartoon, not so much IRL) and copy it.

Dorm Door

I wanted to start blogging again the other day but unfortunately I've been having issues with the photo uploader. So since I got it working, this first post is just a few of the doodles I made on my old dorm room door. Scott Pilgrim, Super Mario Galaxy, Charlie + Unicorns, and Troll Face. I did these, along with my other doodles, out of boredom. I wish I knew how to make this post look better. Guess I'll learn as I make more posts.