Friday, July 29, 2011

Droid and Octi

Ok so those chocolate covered espresso beans are so not working. I wanted to finish Totoro tonight but looks like its not going to happen so this'll be my last post tonight. So these are two simple creations.

The Android pattern is from Bethsco. I didn't finish the eyes because I wasn't sure what I wanted to make it out of and I wanted him to be able to sit so I didn't include the legs. Fairly simple pattern you can finish in a couple of hours. Stuffing and sewing was the biggest challenge. Too much stuffing made him look an odd shape and I had to make sure to sew his head in such a way that it made a nice line.

Octi is from the book "Tiny Yarn Animals" graciously gifted by my lovely friend Vanessa :) I was having issues with him because I didnt quite figure out how I could fit 8 legs onto such a tiny body. GAH I'm getting sleepy... umm... He's more of a prototype and made with Sugar'n Creame scented yarn. Kept him in a ziplock bag to keep the scent but I worry once I ship him to Alicia, the soap smell will disperse. But we shall see and I'm dying over here so I'm going to sleep. Enjoy.

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Bansy Apples said...

Tee hee. Octi's so cute and tiny. Scented yarn eh? Careful, if it smells too appetizing, I may come close to ingesting it. Or sniffing it all day. You know me.