Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piggles and Fsh

Now that the drawings are done, welcome to my new hobby, AMIGURUMI! I know most people don't read the posts so I'm going to put this in my schpeal section eventually but here it goes. I'm a bored, recent college graduate. My friends aren't home yet, I don't have a job yet, and the closest thing I have to a boyfriend isn't home yet either. Sooo I decided to finally start this hobby with some of the graduation money I got. Go ahead and take a gander at my pictures since this is what this blog will mainly be about and sorry but I'm a fan of ellipsis and parenthesis so I may tend to use them a lot. And so on to the good stuff...
The Fsh (named from the fish without the i joke) is the first thing I've made since I was 9 (granted when I was 9 I made a square pot holder). He's pretty meh looking but I got the pattern from a crochet starter kit I bought in the discount area of Barnes and Noble. The pig which has no name besides Piggles (my best friend dubbed him and since I haven't figured a name out yet I'm going with that at the moment) was also from the book. I would write the title and author but my family is currently yelling at me to get off the computer so we can go out and get lunch. The photos were taken in my backyard and my beach chair.

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