Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Super Mario Foes

In an attempt to get all my creations up before starting a new one, I am getting all blogged out. So the next couple are going to be straight to the point. Goomba pattern from Nerdigurumi but mine totally does not look like the one on the page but it actually looks more like a Goomba than the one on the page. Used felt for teeth and eyes, mouth used yarn. Left excess string to make a loop for hanging on something. Use a toothpick to keep him propped up.

 Bob-omb pattern was from Amigurumi Zoo. Changes: fuse to a softer more string-y grey and white yarn given by my Lola (I didn't have grey yet), eyes are felt (glued on), added little bit of red to make it like fuse was burning, and improvised key cuz I totally didn't understand the instructions for it. I must say this is the roundest pattern I've gotten. So if you are planning to want a round figure, just follow this pattern.

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