Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Say hello to the adorable Yoda. I am a total star wars geek! I guess fangirl would be the proper term. Anyway, this design is not a Lucy Ravenscar pattern (who i think makes absolutly adorable items but I do not currently have the money to buy her patterns). I found this pattern on Happy Together blog. I haven't done much exploring on her blog so there may be more cool things. I didn't follow her feet pattern because it kept coming out way to big, same thing with the arms. Just a little modification which I can't explain because I kind of just wing it when it comes to my crocheting. I also made a felt robe instead and made his belt with excess tail from when I connected his body and head... or was it his arms... anyway it was excess something or other, like I said I'm just winging it as a noob crochet-er. His lightsaber is just pipe cleaner, I would have made a black handle but due to this being my new hobby, I don't quite have all my supplies in multiple colors yet. His eyes (along with Piggle's eyes) are just some buttons I found at Michaels/Joannes. Photos taken in my backyard again. The last one is an old coral we have, I figured it looked more star wars-esque . My dad use to have an import and export company of tropical fish.

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