Friday, July 29, 2011

Despicable Me Minions

OKAY! I'm alive, mad not emo, and been crocehting so I finally have motivation and items to post :D
So let me finally introduce the Minions! The pattern from the shorter one comes from CrochetGoods and I just added more sc to make the other one taller. I used the usual Suger'n Cream brand yarn and felt. I did some makeshift felt work instead of crocheting the goggles and using googly eyes. I do gotta say that cutting out a G that small sucked, but then again but I'm not exactly doing all this at a proper table. I found this pattern cuter than the one from WolfDreamer who proves a pattern for a really large one if you want. Not much else I can say about these guys other than my friend was way to amused putting them in suggestive positions. Anyway, off to eat dinner so more will be up tonight.

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