Friday, July 29, 2011

LBP: Sack Boy

Say hello to Nerdigurumi's pattern of Little Big Planet's Sack Boy (commissioned by Yannica). Instead of a solid brown, I used a multicolored Sugar n Cream which gives him a more textured look like in the game. I also got a tad lazy so I used felt for his zipper...but yarn for the... wait... what is the pulling part of a zipper called? Whatever, I'm sure you can tell by the pictures. Anywho, his eyes (along with the fancy bunny) are made out of doll joints. They look exactly like the ones I bought labeled doll eyes, just bigger.

I've only been able to find them at a really big Joanne's, unfortunately all the way in NorCal. So if someone knows where I can find them (they're not in Oxnard, Ventura, or Camarillo - Joanne's, Michael's, Fabric Town USA) limme know. Well that's all, onward to the next creation.

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